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Four Things I Always Wanted to Eat as a Child
By Casey Jane Lussier

4. Willy Wonka's Flower Cup

When he's done singing Pure Imagination, Willy Wonka thoughtfully bites into his teacup. It produces the most delicious crunching sound I can imagine.

3. Every Morning at Play Group Blocks

This one is kind of strange. I used to have a book called Every Morning at Play Group, and it featured pictures of delicious blocks. I'm not sure why they seemed so delicious to me. The soft texture, the bright colors, and the way they fit neatly into a box all had something to do with it. All I know is that I wanted to EAT THEM.

2. Home Alone Donut Crumb

When Kevin's mom realizes that she forgot to bring her son with her to France, she calls her local police officers to ask them to check on him. The cops aren't too helpful, but I was never able to focus on what was said during the phone call; I was too busy salivating over a large donut crumb that the cop had dropped onto the receiver. It sticks there forever. Yummmmmm.

1. Sesame Street Orange Crayons

Sesame Street had a segment about how crayons are made (I also remember a segment about how stamps are made, actually). The bright orange crayons looked delicious at every step of the process -- especially before they were wrapped in paper. The orange liquid in the beginning reminded me of melted chocolate, but maybe not as sweet. Then it cools into flexible orange strips, which are kind of scraped from one machine to the next. YUM!

I've heard that colors like red, yellow, and orange make people hungry, which is why fast food chains use those colors in their decor. If it's true, maybe that explains why this video makes me ravenous, even to this day.

You can watch the video on Youtube HERE.

Even this lady looks like she wants a snack.